Product Scale
30x30x3NPU 40IPE 80
40x40x4NPU 50IPE 100
50x50x5NPU 65IPE 120
60x60x6NPU 80IPE 140
70x70x7NPU 100IPE 160
80x80x8NPU 120IPE 180
90x90x9NPU 140IPE 200
100x100x10NPU 160
120x120x12NPU 180
130x130x13NPU 200

GERMUHENDISLIK Multiple straightening machine performs straightening of Angle , NPU, IPE profile etc. In profiles produced by hot rolling, curvatures in different directions occur in the general structure of the products as a result of the rapid and irregular thermal changes that the products are exposed to. Straightening machines are used to correct the physical structure of these products.
The main technical features of the multi straightening machine are:

- Use of alignment dies and calibrated rollers for smooth feeding and centering,
- Quick change of roller sets mounted on refill cartridge unit
- Motor control of the roller gap (a roller set can be used to flatten it in various sizes)

In the multiple straightening machine, the lower rollers are driven. The lower rollers get their movement from the gear box driven by the electric motor.

The roller air gap is adjusted by the independent movement of the upper rollers. In addition, the roll axial adjustment system in the bearing system of the upper rollers ensures that the rollers are aligned in the horizontal plane.

In the multi-straightening machine, the cartridge unit consisting of rollers allows a rapid change with the help of the hydraulic unit in the system.
This hydraulic system also enables the cartridge unit to be
locked to the main body with hydraulic locks.