Blade Length (mm) Cutting Power (ton) Cutting Feature
800 250-300 To cut round and sectional profiles
1000 400 To cut round and sectional profiles
1200 400 To cut round and sectional profiles

Cutting force cappacity and blade length are determined according to annual production capacity of the plant.

GERMUHENDISLIK Cold Shears are designed with their high strength capacity to cut metals which are produced in different shapes and sections and it’s located right after cooling

Electro pneumatic clutch-brake system, printing mechanisms and high capacity digital counting equipment with allows fully automatic operation. When it is requested, inlet-outlet roller way can be equipped with adjustable length buffer mechanism.

Cold Shears are manufactured in 3 different standard ways. Beside this cold shears can also be designed and manufactured in different characteristics features of special project, when requested. Our cold shears have been preferred thanks to many years of trouble–free operation performance.