Germühendislik Machinery Industry  with experience in the iron and steel sector more than 40-year, continues to keep the highest level of customer satisfaction reflecting our designs, engineering services and high service quality,

Since its inception, the company has professional staff engaged in the production of iron and steel industry; the establishment of a complete turnkey facilities all kinds of rolling mill capacity, installation and commissioning of rolling mill plant, rolling mill machinery and equipment manufacturing, transportation systems of all types of cranes and alternative lifting systems, high-tonnage heavy industry type still serves for lifting systems.

Company’s commintment to quality and ambition achive to difficult owing to well know on this sector this principles and continues to have a vision that will never give up this principles

Does not change the principles of our company is always of high quality, efficient service, timely delivery and reasonable prices. Germühendislik Machinery Industry working on the principle of honesty and quality assurance services for success and sustainability of production, today and in the future will continue to work with the concept of superior service.

Germühendislik works as a manufacturer 15,000 m2 covered and 25,000 m2 total area at Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone in TURKEY


  • Client Location
    Yolbulan Metal Sanayi İSKENDERUN
    Diler Demir Çelik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. GEBZE
    Yazıcı Demir Çelik İSKENDERUN
    İlhanlar Haddecilik İSKENDERUN
    Ak Metal Sanayi İSKENDERUN
    Ekincile Demir Çelik İSKENDERUN
    Baştuğ Çelik Sanayi İSKENDERUN
    Kardemir KARABÜK
    Çelsantaş KARABÜK
    Çağ Demir Çelik KARABÜK
    Çaprazoğlu Demir Çelik KARABÜK
    Çayırova Boru GEBZE
    Kaptan Demir Çelik  
    Kroman Demir Çelik GEBZE
    Nihat Uyar Demir Çelik İSTANBUL
    Çedesan Demir Çelik İSTANBUL
    Serhat Haddecilik KARABÜK
    Erhaller Demir Çelik KARABÜK
    İlhan Haddecilik İSKENDERUN
    Boskay Metal KARABÜK
    Kürüm Demir Oto Tekstil GEBZE
    Vergili Demir Çelik KARABÜK
    Sözden Haddecilik İZMİR
    Sıddık Kardeşler GEBZE
    Toros Gübre ve Kimya Sanayi ADANA
    Adana Çimento Sanayi ADANA
    Oysa Niğde Çimento Sanayi NİĞDE
    Çukurova İnşaat Makineleri ADANA
    Çimtaş MERSİN
    BLS Mühendislik İSTANBUL
    Nurmet Çelik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. İSKENDERUN
  • Client Location
    Kfoury Metals Co. Lebanon
    United Iron and Steel Co Jordan
    Semnan Hot Rolling Mill Co Iran
    Navard Foulad Gilan Co. Iran
    Kurum Iron and Steel Albania
    Al Wahib Factory For Steel Production Syria
    Sarkis Tufenkji & Partners Company Syria
    Syrian Steel& Iron Co. Syria
    Steeltech Syria
    Asco Arabian Steel Company Saudi Arabia
    Velder Group Bulgaristan
    Somasteel Morocco
    Aria Zoob Steel Complex Co. Iran
    Foolad Quazuin Co. Iran
    Alborz Steel Iran
    ISCO Ltd. Iran
    Amir Kabir Steel Co. Iran
    Kermanshah Hot Rolling Mill Iran
    Jahan Foulad Gharb Co. Iran
    Persia Gulf Melting Rolling Co. Iran
    Barsian Navid Pars Industrial Co. Iran
    Mahkar Felez Industrial Co. Iran
    Navard Foolad Kermanshah Co. Iran
    Erbil Steel Company Iraq

Quality & Environment

    • The success for long-term and constant quality of our products and services to our company and our customers believe that the most influential factors to perpetuate
    • For our customers changing and developing products that meet the high technological product by our team formed to improve high technological products and services to sustain the unity of the demands
    • Works with products quality and life safety for people's life associated products
    • With to our customers of our products use high quality products used in projects as well as to provide high quality engineering services
    • The company's tangible and intangible resources and capabilities of all perfection constantly as reinvigorating to access all of the best products for our power to mobilize
    • Comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system


  • Environment
    • Sensitive to the environment to ensure the efficient use of natural resources.
    • Continuous improvement in the understanding avoid contamination of natural resources.
    • In force to comply with environmental legislation and administrative regulations.
    • Continually raise awareness about the environment and ensure the participation of our employees.
    • Solid and hazardous waste to keep under control